See How Our Resident's Feel About Spring Gardens

"Best assisted living establishment EVER! A friend of ours lives there. We went to visit her unannounced after 5 years of not knowing that she lived there. The staff not only welcomed us in every way, but also included us in Diane's activities. In the evening, we especially enjoyed watching a good movie with our friend at Spring Gardens little theater, which included free popcorn and a drink for us. That is hospitality at it's finest! Every body, including the residents were happy,of good cheer, and seemed to interreact in positive ways."

Tony Lucio, Retired

“My wife and I came to visit her mother and the moment we walked through the doors it appeared like we stepped into a classic “Broadmore Hotel” The atmosphere was nostalgic and made you feel a part of a high-class, gala style of living. The ambiance was warm and you could see, hear, smell and feel this from all the patrons and staff. I love all the Norman Rockwell paintings that help transport you to a carefree era. I was overwhelmed by all the amenities, dining choices and fun activities. We were so impressed and could see that Spring Gardens really takes pride in a clean and healthy environment.”

Susan and Todd W.

"Spring Gardens looks like a resort when you walk in. You see the waterfall & then the dining room & everyone is talking to each other. It's like being all family. The Staff here are just great people. The two nurses could not be better. CNA's are well trained & so kind. Our rooms are all so clean."

Mary M.

“We have enjoyed visiting our good friends and have had wonderful meals with them. The service staff has been most prompt & always with the staff has been very nice to us & helpful when asked questions. The grounds are well kept. The interior is always clean & neat. This would be at the top of my list as a place to live if I’m ever not able to care for myself."

Marilyn M.

“Spring Gardens is a perfect home away from home when you need more TLC. Personnel are kind & attentive to all the residents & their families. The residence is clean and welcoming to all who visit.”

Linda G.

“My mother has lived in Spring Gardens for a year. The staff has been great to her. The facilities are lovely. She is very comfortable here. The meals are yummy and we eat with her every Sunday dinner. The management has answered any and all questions we’ve had. Our family is so grateful for the wonderful care Mom is receiving at Spring Gardens. The activities are awesome. Mom is brushing up on her French.”

Linda R.

“This is one of the greatest places I’ve ever visited."


Carolyn C.

"The comment I hear over and over again every day is that ′this place just feels different.’ We have an open invitation to anyone who would like to tour the facilities, enjoy a free meal and meet the people. Anyone that visits Spring Gardens will feel that difference for themselves."

Jim W., Spring Gardens Senior Living – Community Manager

"I had no idea that senior living could be so much fun! Spring Gardens is an amazing facility, with a full-range of programs and activities, but the thing that really sets it apart is the people."

Wade W., Canyon Connections Digital Marketing

"I have been a resident of Spring Gardens Senior Living for more than two years. I truly enjoy living here. The facility is beautiful both inside and out. It is extremely well-maintained. The management and staff are professional and well-trained. They are aware of our needs and preferences. Also they are friendly and efficient. Any call for assistance is handled promptly and with utmost consideration. Aside from personal care, our needs for activities are continually fulfilled. The management listens to our requests. From crafts and games to educational classes, field trips and entertainment there is always more than enough to keep us busy. Or, if we prefer, we can just relax and enjoy our senior years. Friends and family are welcome to visit, and invited to join us for delicious meals."  

Ruth C.

"I arrived at Spring Gardens on a bright sunny day on May 16, 2012. I didn't know what to expect. I came from California, my car was driven by my niece and my furniture in a truck driven by my nephew. I was welcomed by the staff arms open wide as though coming home. Boom! Boom! Boom! The truck was unloaded and set up in my studio apartment with high ceilings and ceiling fans. A large picture window only looking to a green playground. Then I was presented with my "jewelry of magic powers." I pushed the magic button and poof! A genie (aide) appeared in a smart uniform ready to do as I wished! So I thought lunch woud be nice and the aide helped me to my "wheely" (wheelchair) and we were off. We passed a bunch of post boxes – where I would go to pick up my mail. In the dining room, I made my own choice of where to sit – facing the garden or the fish tank to watch the fish. I had to make another choice – the salad bar, menu, or the special of the day. Green salad, my favorite. It was so good. After lunch I pressed the magic button and the aide arrived. What to do after lunch? So I took a tour of the second floor. Checked out the spa bath on the way to the library, past the salon. I stopped by to make an appointment to get a shampoo. Stopped to see the Arts & Crafts Room and the Great Room with a grand piano and organ. Then saw the First Aid / Exercise Room. I could have had a chance to play bingo, listen to poetry, or work on a jigsaw puzzle, but I chose to take a nap! After dinner there is always something going on – a movie, live entertainment or TV. Also there is a bus available for medical appointments, shopping, tours, etc. Flash forward to today . . . I've made dear friends, I live an exciting life I would never have had living alone. I play my organ, take organ lessons, I paint and draw and teach drawing and painting. I am happy, safe and at peace. At night, I'll press my magic button and a genie will come and tuck me in for the night."


“I came to Spring Gardens in the Fall of 2014. I checked other assisted living places and found this one to fill all my need to the fullest. I feel my decision to come here was the right choice. I trust these people with my life. They are so caring and make one feel so secure. I am thankful I have this place to call my Home!!"

Dora K.

“Spring Gardens appears to go the extra mile when it comes to comforts for their residents. When we got to the point where our health concerns demanded that we leave our lovely home with its very unfriendly handicapped arrangement we visited most of the residents specifically built for the handicapped. We even chose to live in another facility with dismal results. We moved to Spring Gardens approximately 16 months ago. One of your employees encouraged Rich to try their dining. The previous facility had a very inflexible menu with no deep fat fryer and no ice cream bar. That question was put to rest when Rich got “Fish and chips” plus an ice cream sundae for dessert. Lou Ann and one of our daughters visited Spring Gardens and were impressed with management’s willingness to modify a unit to our tastes. We also noted a no pet rule which was a very positive step in cleanliness. Once moved in we requested and received more grab bars in the bathroom and wiring for a second TV and hard lined computer. Lou Ann was once a “clean-freak” but not in her current physical condition. We received a superb house-cleaning lady and a bunch of certified nurses aids that took care of all our needs. In conclusion it must be noted that management and all the employees have a very positive can-do attitude toward keeping the residents happy.”

Rich & Lou Ann G.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed several meals at Spring Gardens with my dear friend Helen this past year. The food, friends and fun are top on my list where to enjoy a fun outing. Thanks to all the staff at Spring Gardens for making me feel welcome and appreciated. Thank you!!

Becky C.

“Spring Gardens has been my home since May 2012. Residents and workers are like family. I feel safe and have the opportunity to do many wonderful things. I had never painted and I’’m taking watercolor lessons from a 98 year old artist. Finding new talents and friends every day. Living here is like living in a 5 star hotel. It is a wonderful place.”

Diane J.

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