Great News in Senior Memory Care!

Memory loss affects millions of seniors in America. Caregivers often feel overwhelmed as they struggle to provide adequate assistance for their loved ones who suffer with alzheimer’s and dementia. Thankfully, a growing number of  resources are now available to Southern Utah caregivers to help their parents, spouses and patients who are experiencing memory loss.

Spring Gardens Memory Care
The Alzheimers & Dementia Society of Southern Utah is teaming up with Spring Gardens Senior Living to provide answers and assistance for seniors with memory care needs.  A free, 6-part Memory Care Workshop for seniors and caregivers will begin on May 13th from 2-3pm at Spring Gardens Senior Living. Follow-up workshops will be held on the second Wednesday of each month, and will continue throughout the year on a rotational basis. Topics will include legal planning, safety issues, community resources, and more. Workshops will have a split-format, with seniors participating in therapeutic activities provided by the Spring Gardens Memory Care staff, while caregivers receive instruction. This arrangement will facilitate discussion about sensitive and complex issues, and will allow seniors to experience (free of charge!) the first-class care available to them at Spring Gardens Senior Living.

Spring Gardens Best Kept Secret

According to several insiders, the Memory Care unit is "the best kept secret at Spring Gardens." What makes it so special? Well, as one would expect in this type of service industry, it starts with the amazing people who work there, including Cindy Bishop, Lead CNA in the Memory Care unit.

Cindy says, “Many people feel that a Memory Care unit is a terrible place to send a loved one, but at least here, it’s a great place. We all love the people who are here – even the ones who drive us crazy!" Cindy seems to be the perfect combination of Mother Teresa and a goofy teenager. "We just learn to laugh. Sometimes we laugh until we cry." She feels that working with seniors in need of special care is a great privilege, and she enjoys it immensely. "We don't hire anyone on this staff that doesn't love what they do."

Cindy says that many people are quite surprised when they visit the Memory Care unit. They don't expect to see so much interaction and activity. "It’s not a place where people go to die. It’s where you go to keep living, but where it's safe and you can get additional care." One thing that helps in this regard is the relatively small number of Memory Care residents and the smart design of the facility, which allows for great visibility and free interaction. "We always have to know where people are to make sure they are safe."

Spring Gardens Memory CareAccording to RN / Care Manager Marci Nell, the Memory Care Unit enjoys outstanding coordination between health care professionals and Memory Care staff. Good communication is crucial to the health and well-being of residents, and this is something that the entire team takes great pride in.

If you would like to visit the Spring Gardens Memory Care Unit, please call 1-435-688-1622, or come to the Memory Care workshops on the second Wednesday of each month. We look forward to seeing you!